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Write Once, Deploy Many With DSI’s MultiView Runtime Interrogator

Posted by on May 25, 2017 3:12 pm

How do you avoid the one-size-fits-all trap when it comes to enterprise mobile apps? Take a mobile-first approach that drives user adoption and satisfaction so that your company can see gains in efficiency and productivity.

A mobile-first approach to app development takes the fundamentals of designing effective apps for mobile devices and applies them across the enterprise. Doing so ensures that your apps will be personalized and fit-to-purpose regardless of the device they’re deployed on.

Supply chain companies turn to DSI for inventory visibility, accuracy and execution for the digital economy. Our customers gain those benefits by implementing DSI’s supply chain apps—or by building their own. The key to delivering those benefits is a mobile-first approach that supports rapid, iterative development and highly configurable apps for a personalized user experience on any device.

DSI’s products support the ability to deploy the same business application to the assorted platforms our customers use—without requiring them to bring in costly developers. Surprisingly, this is a novel approach. So novel, in fact, we just got a patent for it.

The recently patented MultiView Runtime Interrogator capability allows users to develop apps once that enable an optimal user experience based on the device and operating system in use. We built this capability with our enterprise customers in mind, knowing their OS and device repertoire includes not just iOS and Android, but also Windows Desktop and Mobile as well as cross-platform browsers.

“DSI’s products support the ability to deploy the same business application to all of these platforms without the need to utilize costly native developers for each native toolset,” said the patent’s recipient, Gary Delancy (DSI’s CTO). “Being able to personalize the user experience based on each device’s capabilities and authority granted by the user, without separate builds of the application, is a key strategy we saw as beneficial and why we developed this technology.”

To learn more about the patent, read the full press release. But if you want to start the discussion on how you can empower your team with mobile-first apps, contact us.





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