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Why Old Dutch Foods Mobilized Its Supply Chain

Posted by Katy Schamberger on Sep 12, 2014 5:02:33 PM

When you talk about mobile in the workplace, you might first think of using a mobile device for common tasks like checking email or tapping into (no pun intended) an employee-facing app for needs like time tracking and expense reporting. At Old Dutch Foods, however, company executives channeled the power of mobile to optimize manufacturing, distribution and sales, an approach so effective (not to mention innovative) that it was the subject of a new Forrester Research report.

The key to this successful mobile implementation? DSI’s mobile platform, which served as the foundation on which to create a custom-tailored application that “supports data collection and process automation at a number of employee mobile moments,” as written in the report.

Now, the leading snack foods provider has a mobilized supply chain with new capabilities that improve key manufacturing and distribution processes. Consider, for example, a field distribution mobile application that lets drivers update order data at each stop along a particular route. Plus, drivers can also print orders and bills for customers using company-provided rugged devices, freeing them from the burden of manual paperwork once the route is completed. Other mobile-enabled capabilities include immediate processing of inbound stock as it arrives. This is an especially critical process for Old Dutch Foods, given that the company works with ingredients that have a finite shelf life and that need to be quickly and accurately tracked to maintain quality. Additional mobile-enabled capabilities include daily production process audits as required by safety certifications.

Timely data capture and end-to-end visibility are two compelling benefits to a mobile supply chain like the one implemented by Old Dutch Foods. By quickly tapping into that data in real time, Old Dutch now has the ability for “rapid aggregation and analysis of that data,” which, according to Forrester Research, Inc.,¹ “…creates real opportunities for profit…” through benefits like increased inventory accuracy, improved product quality and customized production runs that are carefully controlled according to manufacturing output.

Interested in learning more about Old Dutch Foods’ mobile transformation using a DSI mobile supply chain solution? Take a look at the complete Forrester report, in which you’ll also find several recommendations from Forrester about how you can reap similar success channeling the power of mobile. If you have any questions once you’re done reading, we’re here to help!

1Case Study: Old Dutch Foods Masters Employees’ Mobile Moments,” Forrester Research, August 28, 2014


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