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Making Mobility Easy

Posted by on August 7, 2015 4:17 pm

In the webinar, DSI Solutions Engineer Kevin Smail focuses on one area of our digital supply chain solutions—mobility—and how our solutions are specifically engineered to be easy to use without compromising agility or scalability. As an example, “you can run DSI solutions in three different ways: on-premise, mobile and cloud services,” Smail explains, which means you have the flexibility to choose the solutions that best fit your company’s operations.

When you’re looking for the quickest route to actually using and getting value from technology solutions, it’s critical to understand your company’s diverse business needs. It’s also important to select and ultimately implement a solution that won’t just solve today’s problems, but will also grow with your company to meet changing requirements like a growing workforce, new processes or ever-evolving compliance issues. Too many companies waste precious resources assembling a mixed bag of one-off point solutions that might solve immediate issues, but have no room to scale and must be integrated to give you complete visibility to what is really going on in your business. And when those solutions reach their tipping point, you’re back to square one.

mobile app managementFor an effective mobile strategy, you need a comprehensive solution that meets a complete range of mobility needs. During the webinar, Smail references an iceberg diagram that illustrates the complexity of enterprise mobile apps. On the surface, these apps seem straightforward—simply configure, deploy and use. Yet lurking below the surface are a number of app lifecycle needs, including mobile device management, app development, security and app integration. The key to ongoing efficiency and rapid time-to-value is a comprehensive platform that can provide for these critical capabilities. In the webinar, you’ll learn more about DSI’s platform, which Smail describes as “more than a development toolkit. All of those things that happen behind the scenes—it all happens on our platform.”

To help illustrate DSI’s solutions in action, the webinar also includes an order to cash demo, as well as two customer testimonials, so you can better understand the full scope of our capabilities. If you’re interested in seeing the presentation, send us an email at info@dsiglobal.com and we’ll be happy to send you a link to an on-demand version of the recording, which also includes the Q&A session from the live webinar. Once you’ve finished watching the presentation, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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