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Exploring What a Mobile Platform Can Do Inside the Four Walls

Posted by on April 9, 2015 3:11 pm

After all, it’s likely your business happens in a number of locations outside the four walls. Yet it’s within your warehouses and manufacturing/distribution facilities that optimal supply chain performance is especially critical—and that’s where the power and agility of our mobile platform comes in.

In this latest webinar, DSI Senior Solutions Engineer Kevin Smail guides you through common warehouse processes and how they can easily be mobile-optimized using our mobile platform. This not only makes individual tasks easier and more efficient—collectively, it can add up to significant time and cost savings throughout your business.

mobile warehouse By eliminating paper-based and manual processes, you can significantly create the efficiency and optimization of your warehouse.
One such example? Creating a paperless warehouse, which Kevin describes as “getting rid of the idea of users having to come up to the shipping office to ask us what we’re going to pick that corresponds with today’s shipments.” Instead, a paperless warehouse enables managers and supervisors to “assign tasks to users who are using the handhelds without them having to walk up and talk to a manager to get things done.”
QualityChecks During our webinar, we take a closer look at mobile-optimized supply chain processes, including quality checks.


The webinar also provides a deeper dive into specific types of supply chain processes like quality control checks, which are especially important to regulated industries like food distribution/manufacturing and life sciences. Using the capabilities enabled by our mobile platform, not only can quality checks be completed in real time—at the same time, you’ve captured important data like temperature readings that can be used to document the integrity of the process and the product itself. And in the event of a problem like spoilage due to storage or transport in excess temperatures, you have the full chain of information that proves the issue occurred outside your domain, thereby transferring responsibility and liability to the appropriate party in order to correct it quickly.

field service DSI’s Field Service solution accelerator is a robust, agile tool that can be used inside or outside the four walls.
During the webinar, you’ll also get a look at how some of our solution accelerators, even those traditionally used outside the four walls, can make a big impact inside your facility. With our Field Service solution accelerator, for example, you can simplify the maintenance process and capture work order completion data, all of which is done with an in-hand application and at the point of work. In other words, your employees have what they need to keep pace with the speed of business, rather than spending unnecessary time manually documenting and inputting the information that’s key to your bottom line.

Interested in learning more about what a mobile platform can do inside your company’s four walls? Watch our webinar for more use cases, as well as a closer look at other technological capabilities like machine-to-machine integration. If we can answer any questions once you’ve finished, feel free to contact us.


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