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The Power of 2D Barcode Scanning in the Advanced Warehouse

Posted by on April 8, 2019 1:20 pm

In the advanced warehouse, it isn’t enough to settle for old technology and hardware investments. Whatever industry you’re in, all markets are full of competitors constantly looking for ways to update technology investments. You must ensure you are saving time, resources and–most important–money.

Barcode scanning is a great example of how investing in the right solution can be a game changer for your organization. Technology has moved past simple 1D barcodes; to really make your warehouse excel, 2D barcodes can make the difference to your bottom line.

2D barcodes store more data in a smaller space, allowing mobile devices to collect more information per scan. This is crucial for warehouses dealing with a high volume of products containing multiple dimensions. For organizations with complicated item requirements and lots of moving parts, implementing a 2D barcode scanning system can save significant time and money.

Take a cell phone distributors as an example. Each phone has the ID and serial number recorded separately; each are important pieces of information, but they live disjointedly. The out-of-box scanning system included with the Microsoft advanced warehouse requires each piece of information to be entered/scanned separately.

With the right smart barcode technology, both pieces of information can be scanned at one time using a 2D barcode, and the information will be split out automatically into the appropriate field. And you aren’t limited to two values. Flexible configuration tools allow for the concatenation of as many pieces of information as you need into a single, scannable barcode.

The enhanced capabilities don’t have to end there. Smart barcode capabilities also include the ability to translate UPCs to dynamics item-dimension combinations (think retail), vendor external item IDs and barcodes to your internal Dynamics Item IDs, variant numbers to item-dimension combinations or simply to scan serial numbers under serial control and automatically translate all dimensions.

A major appeal of 2D barcoding is how much information you can fit into a single scan, but for small products, sometimes, even just Item ID will not fit. Smart barcode technology allows for very small, short barcode references that can be used instead of actual values, greatly reducing the barcode size requirement, regardless of how much information needs to be included.

Want these features in your warehouse? DSI ScanWorkX for Dynamics 365 / AX is a mobile supply chain app with 2D and smart barcode functionality. Whether you need a basic, simple barcode solution or a complete warehouse transformation, ScanWorkX has multiple versions to fit your organization’s needs. ScanWorkX is an Azure-certified cloud computing solution made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX.

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