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Posted by Kevin Cobb on Dec 18, 2014 2:38:12 PM

Our CTO, Gordon Van Huizen, joined Jason Wong, principal research analyst at Gartner, to examine the mobile supply chain while answering several key questions:

  • How must the supply chain evolve to support today’s Digital Economy?
  • How can mobility within the supply chain increase profitability and drive competitive advantage?
  • How do successful organizations approach mobile enablement?

Mobility is having a transformative effect across a number of industries, but it’s become an especially significant opportunity for supply chain professionals. Customer expectations and supplier strategies are forcing the traditional, linear supply chain with the customer at the end to support an omni-channel process with the customer at the center, an evolution that is, quite literally, restructuring the supply chain. With that evolution comes a host of new demands—and to meet them, you must reinvent your workflow to empower your mobile workers to the fullest extent. In other words, they need access to information at any time, anywhere and in any role—and mobile optimization is the key enabler in that scenario.

Take a look at the webinar, available now on demand. You’ll learn more about the mobile supply chain, the benefits of mobility and how to implement a mobility strategy. And you’ll hear customer case studies that not only illustrate the specifics of mobile optimization, but also what sort of results our customers enabled once the transition to a mobile supply chain was complete. Thanks in advance for joining us!

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