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The Commerce Marketer Podcast With DSI’s Bob Carver

Posted by on December 7, 2018 10:26 am

This year at SuiteConnect West in San Francisco, DSI’s VP of Cloud Inventory Solutions, Bob Carver was invited to join Commerce Marketing Analyst and podcaster, Gregory Zakowicz on the Commerce Marketer Podcast sponsored by Oracle Bronto Software. Their conversation flowed from consumer, retail and supply chain trends to last-mile logistics and digital transformation.

The interview touched on pain points for companies moving towards the digital economy, but emphasized the importance of accepting the fundamental shift in consumerism that is currently taking place. The change in the way consumers shop has turned retail on its head. Bob agreed that “suppliers and products and consumers have all converged on a single point” with the ability for a consumer to see where the inventory is 24/7 on their personal mobile device.

While many businesses have inventory visibility and availability within the warehouse down to an exact science, many begin to get lost when it comes to the last mile. “One of the fundamental problems with a lot of last mile solutions for a lot of the companies that we want to get into is that they haven’t had the technology or tools to actually track product once it (has) left the distribution center,” said Bob when asked if he thinks last mile delivery will be solved anytime in the next three years. “If you think about what you are doing within the warehouse, you’re doing the same thing outside of the warehouse. It’s just the last mile doesn’t have four walls.” He went on to say that last mile issues “have to be solved because… it isn’t going to go away.”

To hear everything that Bob had to say on the topic of last mile and other pressing supply chain issues, give the podcast a listen!

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