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DSI’s Cloud Inventory Services delivers provide a single point to manage inventory, streamline supply chain operations and gain global visibility. An Inventory System of Record is the one authoritative source for real-time, accurate information on all data elements pertaining to a company’s inventory. An Inventory SOR integrates automatically and bi-directionally with other systems to collect and disseminate inventory data and information.
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What is Cloud Inventory?

Full tracking and traceability
  • Lot management, serialization and LPN management

Sub-second response time

  • Provides real-time visibility and activation status of equipment and inventory
  • Function with or without connectivity
Flexible integrations
  • Horizontal connectivity worldwide and to any system
Mobile-first applications
  • Developed to go outside the four walls of the warehouse
Fast, easy implementation
  • Quick implementation and ease of learning reduces resistance and training costs

Cloud Inventory Whitepaper: Equipping Your Supply Chain for Success in the Digital Economy

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Cloud Inventory Management Applications

DSI’s in-depth functionality includes the following applications:

Inventory Management
  • Inventory Transfers and Movements
  • Cycle Count
  • Cross-Docking
  • Multi-Location
Field Service
  • More Jobs Completed Per Day
  • Accelerate the Work Order-to-Cash Cycle
  • Maximize Calls Completed in a Day
  • Send the Right Information and Parts for the Job
Direct Store Delivery
  • Real-Time Inventory Check
  • Delivery Confirmation With Signature Capture
  • Create and Manage Profiles
  • Improve Delivery Performance
Receiving & Putaway
  • PO Receiving
  • Transfer Orders
  • Barcoded Label Printing
  • Directed Putaway
Manufacturing Support
  • Work Orders
  • Component Picking
  • Assembly Build
Route Sales
  • View Current and Future Routes to Track Mileage
  • Initiate Replenishment and Resolve Issues on the Spot
  • Improve Personnel Productivity
  • Reduce Manual-Intensive, Paper Based Processes
Order Fulfillment
  • Single and Multi-Order Picking
  • Tote-Based Picking
  • Zone Picking
  • Configurate Wave Management
Customer Engagement
  • Product Locator App
  • Real-Time Inventory & Order Accuracy
  • Build Customer Loyalty
Packing & Shipping
  • Packing List Printing
  • Ship Label Printing (FedEx, UPS, USPS/Endicia)
  • Packing & Carton Verification (QC)
  • Assign Ship License Plate
  • Label Designer

Achieving End-to-End Inventory Visibility

Cloud Inventory provides a layer of visibility and control across all of your channels connecting you and your business partners with real-time information at all points.

See the inventory that matter to you, from suppliers to your customer and everywhere in between

Cloud Inventory can be rapidly deployed to provide detailed inventory visibility and management within your warehouse and across your business. The logic builder enables you to configure multiple applications to fit your business processes and the needs of your users. Your customers can see inventory from suppliers, to manufacturing, through sales and on to delivery.

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Rapid development and deployment
  • Configurable logic builder works with your business processes
  • Visibility from supplier to customer
  • Multi-location
  • Insights for app and operational visibility
  • End-to-end supply visibility
Cloud Inventory Solutions Resolve Your Inventory Management Challenges
  • Does a lack of cross-channel inventory visibility cost you customers and sales?
  • Can you satisfy constantly-changing regulatory needs if you don’t know where your inventory is?
  • Do you have visibility across multiple operations, multiple partners and customers?
  • Is the inventory information that sits outside of your ERP visible to the trading partners who work with you to deliver it?
  • How do you meet customer demand for real-time updates of order status and progress?
  • Are your customers demanding more visibility into your supply chain?

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