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Optimize Your Data Collection, Mobile Apps in JDE

Oracle JD Edwards continues to be a go-to ERP for a variety of companies. With validated, certified integrations in both Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle JD Edwards World, the DSI platform enables optimized performance for a complete range of data collection and mobile needs. These solutions allow you to quickly and easily develop, deploy and manage mobile apps that mimic and extend JDE capabilities without a loss of functionality, whether in the app itself or in the seamless connection to the JDE back-end system.

  • Quickly configure mobile apps to be more robust, including streamlining mobile-first processes that might previously require multiple apps
  • Optimize a complete range of business processes, from inventory management to field service, all without leaving your JDE implementation or incurring costly enterprise system upgrades

DSI + Oracle JDE Features

  • Ensure high capacity and fast response with multi-threaded device communications
  • Queue transactions to allow work to continue uninterrupted even if networks fail or the enterprise application is unavailable
  • Support full, thin and web clients with two- and three-tier architecture
  • Integrate simultaneously into multiple databases or application versions
  • Fit an entire operation to scale; add users or sites as needed
  • Design and deploy apps easily to any device, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of form factor
  • Implement new application versions or updates with minimal user impact, regardless of the size of the user base

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Customer Success Story

Womble Co. DSI Global technology solutions

Inventory Visibility and Accuracy: Keys to Success

  • Effectively manage their warehouses in real time
  • Combined many smaller tasks into a single process
  • Able to complete processes quicker and easier
  • Improved productivity by more than 20%

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