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Oil and Propane Service Company Delivers Efficiency With IoT

Posted by on November 13, 2014 12:00 am

As much as it’s billed as the wave of the future, the Internet of Things is here and now, and it’s been benefiting the enterprise in the form of machine to machine (M2M) integration for years. In one such application, DSI taps into the capabilities of the Internet of Things to automate the fuel delivery process for Eastern Propane.

The Problem

New England’s leading oil and propane service company serves 85,000 customers across five states in the Northeast. But manual processes were cumbersome and time-consuming for delivery personnel in the field. To monitor their fuel delivery levels, each truck is equipped with an electronic fuel dispensing meter to measure the amount of liquid transferred from the truck to the client. Delivery drivers lost hours each week manually logging the numbers into the system of record.

The Solution

Eastern Propane already mobilized their field service technicians and managers by implementing DSI’s Field Service solution accelerator (componentized apps that can be used out-of-the-box or that can be easily customized) to automate work order processes and fully leverage the power of their enterprise software system. Their successful field service deployment also features DSI’s M2M technology integrated into Eastern’s Oracle Real-Time Scheduler to send service orders and schedule updates via text message.

When it came to mobilizing the product delivery side of operations, Eastern Propane turned to DSI for a comprehensive mobile solution. DSI deployed a mobile application and an electronic fuel dispensing meter M2M interface customized to meet Eastern Propane’s needs. Through API calls to the meter, DSI’s mobile platform collects data to send directly to the system of record via certified integration for automatic notification to billing so clients can expect timely, accurate invoices.

The Results

By automating propane delivery, Eastern Propane eliminates errors and saves time, which cuts costs and ensures a positive experience for their customers. Now drivers can automatically update billing with delivery amounts—on- or off-network—and can confirm delivery from their tablets with on-site signature capture. With the addition of integrating truck-mounted fuel dispensing meters to their backend system via DSI’s M2M integration, Eastern Propane has increased its daily delivery capacity—because automated, accurate delivery processes and more time to make deliveries. These results speak to the power of the Internet of Things to drive efficiency in the oil and gas industry through M2M integrations that benefit not only the enterprise, but also the customer.

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