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New Mobility Success Stories Highlight Life Sciences, Engineering and Construction Implementations

Posted by on December 23, 2014 3:21 pm

Here’s a look at a couple of our more recent success story additions. Both of these mobility implementations also highlight a member of our global partner network, a powerful collaboration that extends our expertise in a variety of industries and countries. You’ve heard the old saying, “there’s strength in numbers.” Our partner network is an ideal example of that adage!

Mobilizing Medicine

A multi-billion dollar leader in the healthcare market faced the complexity of managing several distribution centers across an international supply chain. To reduce costs and increase efficiency, the healthcare market leader (with the help of partner Advanced Logistics Consulting) implemented DSI’s mobile supply chain solution to interface between the company’s existing enterprise software, new automated storage and retrieval system software and a new conveyor system. As a result of implementing DSI’s mobile solutions, the company expected a 30% increase in sales volume with the implementation of the conveyor system, but achieved an even higher increase in the volume of sales processed through the facility. Take a look at the case study for a deeper dive into this machine-to-machine (M2M) implementation and the results.

Constructing Mobility

A leading power generation engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor builds energy solutions that deliver solar and wind power, which typically involves project sites that can stretch across numerous acres. Maintaining visibility across these sprawling sites can be complicated, especially in disconnected environments. Instead, the construction leader worked with partner Advanced Logistics Consulting to deploy DSI’s mobile platform, implementing a mobile supply chain that enables complete visibility in the field. Now the company has access to real-time inventory monitoring and reporting, even in disconnected areas. Complete visibility into the company’s assets at any location and any time has achieved substantial time and cost savings, all thanks to the power of mobility. Check out the case study for additional details on the company’s approach to mobile optimization and what happened as a result.

Keep your eye on the success stories portfolio on our website to stay up-to-date with what our customers are doing, how our solutions work and what sort of results they see post-implementation. After all, there’s nothing like a firsthand account to help you understand not only what we offer, but also what’s possible.

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