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New DSI Platform Updates Enable Browser-Based Apps, Transaction Analytics

Posted by on December 2, 2015 12:50 pm

New updates to the DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform (DSCP)TM, 8.2 SP1, make it easier to deliver rich, browser-based apps using an HTML5 client. Because you can deploy these browser-based apps to a broader range of devices and across more platforms without the need for device-resident client software, you’ll have less administrative overhead and the ability to distribute applications more broadly. The DSCP updates also include transaction analytics (pictured above) to help customers keep tabs on transaction activity and diagnose performance issues when integrating with back-end systems of record.

HTML5 Client: Broader Deployment, Same Rich User Experience

Enterprise mobile apps have evolved beyond a mere value-add, and are increasingly becoming an integral part of how companies do business and how they interact with customers. At the same time, applications need to be delivered with a light touch—without having to install or manage an app or mobile client—and span an ever-increasing number of platforms and form factors. That delivery is now easier with the DSCP’s latest update, which includes a new HTML5 client that allows business analysts to design and deploy rich, browser-based apps to smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, ensuring app access, functionality and a richer user experience—not unlike that of a native app—regardless of individual devices or operating systems.

Features of the DSCP’s HTML5 client include:

  • A rich user interface that leverages HTML5, built using the familiar and easy-to-use DSI visual forms editor
  • Full application lifecycle management, as with existing DSI mobile and desktop clients
  • Browser-resident apps for quick application launching, increasing speed of use without requiring the app to fully reload
  • Multi-application architecture with role-based, dynamic app provisioning


Transaction Analytics: Real-Time Transaction Monitoring and Diagnostics

The DSCP update also includes transaction analytics, part of the larger DSI Analytics solutions portfolio that’s designed to help businesses collect and analyze data in an actionable format that informs operational improvements and in-the-moment decision-making.

A new dashboard allows administrators and business analysts to monitor and analyze transactions performed against back-end systems of record, giving them the information to diagnose issues between the middle tier and the back-end. Data can be viewed and filtered in a variety of ways, including by periods of time, users and organization (or facility), so that analytics users can monitor throughput and latency in a way that’s most relevant to their company’s structure and user audience.

Powered by the market-leading Tableau analytics and visualization platform, the DSI Transaction Analytics dashboard allows business analysts and system administrators to accomplish the following:

  • Monitor transaction volume for individual business functions and in aggregate
  • Identify and diagnose transaction errors and bottlenecks to improve efficiency
  • Visualize and analyze activity volume and error rate trends over time
  • Filter and analyze activity by user, business function and time window

While transaction analytics are performed within the DSI Cloud, the DSI Transaction Analytics dashboard is available within both on-premise and cloud-based deployments of the DSCP, 8.2 SP1.

The latest release of the platform also includes printing from the DSI Cloud Platform by leveraging printers connected to the DSI Cloud Connect gateway.

Interested in learning more about how browser-based apps can help you meet specific business and customer needs? Or are you curious about the DSI Transaction Dashboard and how analytics can help you solve your pervasive transaction-related supply chain challenges? Contact us and we’d be happy to give you a more in-depth look at these latest DSCP updates.

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