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Mobile Supply Chain Improves Stock and Dispatch Accuracy to 99.9%

Posted by on March 6, 2015 2:49 pm

The Problem

For more than a century, Dewhirst has played a key role in the evolution of clothing retail and supplied diverse brands and retailers with quality garments. Although the company had no problem keeping pace with the evolution of retail and fashion trends, manual warehousing and distribution processes inhibited the company’s ability to keep up with a rapidly scaling customer base. Manual data entry into the company’s enterprise software system, for example, limited visibility into Dewhirst’s dispatch process and complex customer requirements. Rather than continuing to operate with this cumbersome workflow, Dewhirst needed a solution that could mobilize key supply chain processes while also scaling to meet growing company and customer needs.

The Solution

Dewhirst opted for DSI’s mobile supply chain solutions, thanks largely to our mobile platform that offers pre-built integrations into the company’s system of record and advanced warehousing software. In just three months, Dewhirst not only had mobilized supply chain processes in place, but also had the technological framework to enable self-sufficiency when tailoring the solution to meet evolving business needs.

“The technology is robust and efficient—we are able to quickly integrate our dispatch processes with our ERP solution,” says Paul Medforth, IT Manager, Dewhirst Group. “We required only a short period of training before we fully understood the scanning process and integrated DSI with our ERP system.”

Not only was the implementation quick—Dewhirst has already realized a number of compelling results, too. Manual data entry and processes have been replaced with mobile execution, enabling improvements that span from order fulfillment and forecasting to inventory tracking. Stock accuracy and dispatch accuracy have improved to 99.9%, and because warehouse employees have more time to manage processes, they can offer a better experience to customers.

For a more in-depth look at Dewhirst’s mobile supply chain journey, check out the full case study on our website. And if you’re curious about starting your own journey, feel free to contact us.

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