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Mobile Execution: An Imperative in Cold Chain Integrity

Posted by on May 1, 2015 2:58 pm

Inside a refrigerated warehouse, a life sciences product awaits distribution to a customer. Once it becomes part of an order, the product is moved from its climate-controlled environment to a cold shipping package, then driven (or, more likely, air-lifted) to its final destination. The pervasive challenges throughout that entire process? Keeping the product in a specified temperature range, no matter the circumstances—and documenting the proof of temperature in a format that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to address consumer concerns and regulatory compliance.

These two capabilities are critical to cold chain execution—and for companies in the life sciences and food industries, they’re no strangers to constantly juggling these demands. Yet as supply chains become increasingly complex and product demand grows, it’s more difficult to keep the cold chain intact in a way that maximizes efficiency while protecting product quality and integrity. The solution? A mobile supply chain.

What a Mobile Supply Chain Can Do for Cold Chains

With a mobile supply chain in place, cold chain companies have visibility into the complete movement and lifecycle of products. This traceability is key not only to maintaining product integrity, but also consumer confidence—and is enabled by mobile execution at any point of activity in the supply chain.

That key capability—mobile execution—is one that’s crucial to keeping the cold chain intact. A mobile supply chain combines information gathered from environmental sensors, time on conveyors, estimated shipping time and product attributes, among other sources, to ensure documented quality of delivery.

Because a mobile supply chain functions in real time, you can also enable the monitoring capabilities that provide another key layer of quality control. Say, for example, a product is removed from a refrigerated environment but isn’t promptly placed into the cold shipping package. A mobile supply chain notifies you so that you can immediately address a problem and take corrective action before it results in permanent damage to the product—or, in a worst-case scenario, harm to a consumer.

There’s no denying that the stakes are always high in the cold chain. But with a mobile supply chain, you’ll have the technology framework and mobile-optimized workflow to not only meet critical cold chain demands, but also ensure your cold chain execution is as efficient and effective as possible.

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