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Leveraging a Mobile Platform for ADC and Beyond

Posted by on February 18, 2015 2:56 pm

A mobile platform extends automation and instant access to information throughout the supply chain. Businesses can harness mobility to connect workers in real time to the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. With a mobile platform, companies can leverage a single solution for ADC needs, and achieve the agility to expand to future projects, including mobile applications outside the four walls and across the supply chain.

A mobile platform enables workers to access and manipulate information in real time by filling the work day with what Forrester terms mobile moments, those increasingly frequent instances when people turn to their mobile devices to get what they need instantly and in context. When that context is the enterprise, a mobile moment could be an inventory inquiry in the warehouse, or signature capture for a completed sales transaction in the field.

Old Dutch, a popular snack foods brand, started with ADC in manufacturing and in the warehouse with DSI’s mobile platform integrated into their systems of record and automation. The company began by automating processes inside the four walls (cycle counts, inventory transfers, work order issues and completions, etc.), resulting in improved inventory accuracy and more output with less labor. While they initially invested in the platform for ADC, Old Dutch quickly recognized the potential to extend similar benefits across the supply chain by empowering workers in the field with mobility.

Using the same mobile platform that automated processes in the warehouse and on the shop floor, the company deployed a direct store delivery (DSD) mobile application to equip drivers in the field. The application simplifies traditional DSD processes with a streamlined user experience allowing them to be completed in mobile moments in which drivers can confirm sales orders and deliveries in seconds. The mobile application created a quicker in-store experience resulting in higher sales volume for hundreds of drivers across the US and Canada.

A mobile platform that starts in manufacturing and the warehouse can provide a secure foundation to mobilize the entire supply chain. Leveraging a mobile platform for ADC means that, when you’re ready, mobilizing other aspects of the business can be done quickly, and cost-effectively. As Old Dutch, and others, have experienced, employing a single solution for ADC and mobility results in a lower total cost of ownership and an improved work experience for people all across the supply chain.

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