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How DSI’s New Digital Solutions Equip Businesses for Competitive Success

Posted by on August 19, 2015 4:15 pm

From manufacturing and distribution to field sales and field service, our customers have seen an ever-increasing need for supply chain visibility, execution and optimization that extends from producers/suppliers to end consumers. And this demand for data accessibility and interaction is accelerating. To stay competitive, businesses must take advantage of their critical supply chain data by getting it into the hands of the most relevant people in real time and at the point where value creation occurs.

Yet many businesses are mired in an analog world, relying on manual, paper-based processes that hinder efficiency and growth while suffocating their competitive advantage. To fight these tendencies, the market is shifting into an era that’s ruled by digital businesses. Supply chain businesses that can effectively collect, parse, distribute, analyze and use their data are better equipped to compete in the data-driven digital economy.

DSI has long excelled at anticipating business and supply chain challenges and delivering agile and scalable software solutions that fulfill current and future needs. In response to this market-driven digital shift, DSI has launched a new set of digital supply chain solutions designed to help companies up and down the supply chain more rapidly and easily shift from analog to digital business operations.

The latest additions to DSI’s digital supply chain portfolio include:

DSI Wire

With this release, the DSI platform now includes the capability to easily design, develop, deploy and manage a highly attractive and feature-rich consumer-grade mobile experience that’s directly connected to supply chain data and execution. The option to use our XML-based Wire language enables user experience (UX) designers and Web developers to evoke the look and feel of a custom-developed native app that also extends supply chain execution and visibility to the last mile—the customer—while also maintaining the full manageability, security and rapid development of today’s DSI mobile applications.

DSI Inventory Management Solution

In addition to on-premise and mobile, DSI’s inventory and material tracking system now delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility and optimization through the cloud. The DSI Inventory Management Solution is versatile and can act as a standalone materials management system or an aggregation point for one or more enterprise systems, both of which provide complete visibility into inventory processes. Designed for companies large and small, DSI Inventory Management includes built-in item traceability and transaction serialization so customers can track a product throughout the extended supply chain including remote warehouses and storage locations, as well as a dashboard that provides configurable and real-time views of inventory performance.

DSI Cloud Connect

DSI Cloud Connect radically accelerates time to value while eliminating the friction of deploying a typical enterprise software to cloud connection. DSI Cloud Connect includes an on-premise gateway that enables customers to quickly, securely and reliably connect on-premise enterprise systems of record—such as ERP systems and relational databases—to a secure instance of the DSI Cloud Platform in as little as 30 minutes. Additionally, DSI Cloud Connect provides an innovative wizard-based tool for deploying and configuring the gateway, the appropriate connectors and the requisite interfaces into back-end systems. This first of its kind, leading industry approach radically reduces implementation time.

DSI Product Locator App

Extend in-the-field supply chain visibility with the DSI Product Locator App, which enables users to search and view locations of products and vendors in the field within the context of pertinent business information like asset locations and product placement. The DSI Product Locator App offers enterprise performance in a consumer-grade package that uses native features like GPS and Google Maps integration for a robust user experience.

DSI Survey App

With the DSI Survey App, businesses and their employees can document information or experiences in the field as they’re happening. With built-in client side and management capabilities, the DSI Survey App lets customers create, administer and manage surveys for a variety of use cases, including inspections, meter readings, questionnaires and incident reports. The DSI Survey App functions by itself or can be added to other DSI solutions like Field Service or Field Sales, depending on a customer’s specific business needs.

Our new offerings build on the capabilities and value that our customers expect from DSI, including seamless, comprehensive integration into all major ERP systems of record, as well as rapid time to value, enterprise-grade security and robust offline support. Whether a business is just starting to shift to digital operations or is looking for a complete digital approach, DSI has the software solutions that solve current needs and future growth to help companies remain competitive and keep pace with the rapid rate of technology change.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you take the next step towards becoming a digital supply chain business.

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