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How an End-to-End Supply Chain Mobile Technology Strategy Can Transform Your Business

Posted by on November 22, 2019 8:00 am


In the report “Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2019,” Gartner takes an in-depth look at technologies on various points in the lifecycle of “hype,” from innovation trigger to the plateau of productivity. Here we’ll take a look at one important category: Mobile Technology–Supply Chain Execution.

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There is a difference between the proliferation of mobile point solutions and a comprehensive mobile strategy. To achieve complete mobility, it is imperative to partner with a focused and fully mobile solution provider that understands that mobile solutions incorporate not just devices and applications, but also connectivity. Additionally, achieving the needed depth of capabilities with one partner provides a scalable advantage over integrated solutions from multiple providers.

As mobile platforms continue to grow in their use as the primary communication tool for partner networks and horizontal supply chains, the flexibility to adapt and innovate in this evolving market becomes a critical factor in choosing a mobility partner. Factors to consider include:

On and offline capabilities: Where your business happens shouldn’t impact your ability to access information. Businesses rarely operate entirely out of a warehouse anymore; accessibility on the go is now a non-negotiable. You need a solution that has not only a complete view of inventory but the ability to view and edit information anywhere.

Extendable to future needs: We don’t need to tell you that business needs evolve. But to prepare for the inevitable, a scalable solution is critical.

Cloud capabilities: Leverage the flexibility and rapid time-to-value of cloud deployment.

Comprehensive view of inventory: Whether your inventory is in a warehouse, vendor-managed, on consignment or in field vehicles, visibility is crucial. Achieve a single view across multiple and disparate ERP/SCM systems with cloud coverage across all systems.

Empowerment: Boosting productivity, increasing inventory accuracy and providing better customer service are just the starting point once the data is in our hands.

Response time: Any lag in updates that prohibits accurate, real-time inventory numbers impacts decision making and creates risks in overselling, under planning or excessive safety stock. Deploying a system with sub-second response time provides protection and a competitive edge.

Inventory and equipment state: Knowing the location of your inventory and equipment is step one. The powerful step two is knowing the state of that inventory and equipment. Is it available or reserved, in use or idle, reserved, expired, lot controlled or allocated? Knowing the state enables agility in response to market and customer stimuli.


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