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DSI Platform Updates: Faster Web Services Performance

Posted by on April 19, 2016 9:47 am

How many disparate software systems does your company operate? Increasingly in the digital economy, companies amass various enterprise software, machines and devices through growth and acquisitions. The challenge is how to integrate them to streamline operations. Web services integrations are a vital tool for sorting through the mess and facilitating interoperability between software and devices. The latest update to the DSI platform, version 8.2 SP4, includes enhancements to DSI’s web services integration capabilities that make connecting to any data source faster and easier.

The service pack includes enhancements within DSI’s flowchart driven app development environment that enable even quicker development of applications and a smaller data storage requirement on the mobile device. When the web services response data needs to persist in device storage, it can now be done more quickly and simply with the addition of filters that can be applied when building the local data table. Additionally, the web services response data can now be bound directly to the desired user interface dropdown or list element when there is no need for persistent data. This enhancement further streamlines app development and increases performance on the mobile device.

Are you currently using the DSI platform and want to discuss how you can leverage the latest update to introduce more speed and simplicity to your supply chain operations? Let us know and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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