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DSI Platform Updates: Enhance Your App Design, Enable Performance Consistency

Posted by Katy Schamberger on Jan 7, 2016 10:56:02 AM

The DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform (DSCP)TM
 is built to give you speed, scalability and agility when developing, deploying and managing your company’s mobile apps, and that includes meeting continually increasing demand for apps with a rich, sophisticated user experience. To better help you do that, the latest update to the DSCP, 8.2 SP2, includes features that empower you to easily improve the design of your apps and further enables device-agnostic app layout and functionality on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Newly added form control properties enhance your ability to design forms in the DSCP, further improving the user experience. As a result, you’ll enable a consistent user experience across all of the elements of your apps, including visual theming.

With the release of DSI’s HTML5 client in the previous platform update, you can now easily build rich browser-based apps. Yet with those apps comes a greater degree of difference among machines and resizable windows, which could compromise app formatting and the overall app experience. The new DSCP update includes control-anchoring properties that enable a consistent performance across any device, including desktop computers, so you can be confident in optimal user experience across even the most varied device ecosystem.

If you have questions about our latest DSCP update or are curious about how these new enhancements can help improve your mobile apps, feel free to reach out to us at info@dsiglobal.com and we’ll chat.

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