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DSI Platform Update: Reducing Delivery Time, Easing Upgrades

Posted by on March 2, 2016 11:17 am

Increasing productivity—it’s a constant challenge, right? We may not be able to help de-clutter your inbox or minimize your meeting requests, but we can help you build and manage your company’s mobile apps more efficiently, thanks to the latest DSI Digital Supply Chain Platform (DSCP)TM update, 8.2 SP3.

DSI’s supply chain solutions, including the DSCP, have always been designed for ease of use and rapid time to value. And with the latest DSCP update, we’ve not only added enhancements that help app builders work more efficiently, but also simplify and speed up platform upgrades.

Here’s a closer look at some of the new SP3 updates:

HTML5 Mobile Client Now Includes Data Replication

The DSCP’s built-in HTML5 client now includes the same data replication capabilities as the DSI mobile client, which means you can easily create robust, browser-based HTML5 applications that also function in disconnected environments.

App Studio Enhancements Boost Efficiency of App Delivery

One of the longstanding hallmarks of the DSCP has been its rapid development approach. A big part of that is App Studio, the platform’s integrated development environment, which relies on visual logic and a drag-and-drop format to make app design and building easy for business analysts, rather than requiring companies to invest in costly coding and traditional app development resources. The latest DSCP updates further boost efficiency with significant usability enhancements that make app logic easier to navigate and improve. For example, a new application element search feature and publish error links facilitate direct navigation to the element in question. The result? Apps are built and delivered more efficiently, which means you can get them in the hands of your employees and customers faster and put your newly created mobile capabilities to work.

Easier DSCP Upgrades Save Time, Money

We’ve built our digital supply chain solutions, including the DSCP, to not only seamlessly integrate into your existing systems to improve their workflow, but also be easy to use so that you can spend more time actually using your mobile apps and other tools, rather than building them. That mindset helped guide several enhancements as part of SP3 that make it easier for DSI customers to migrate older instances of the DSI platform without compromising existing data and app integrity. One enhancement, for example, streamlines app logic flowcharts by combining linearly grouped elements. As a result, users experience a streamlined conversion process while also taking advantage of simplified flowcharts that are easier to navigate and modify.

Platform Overview Documentation

Interested in taking a deeper dive into the DSCP and exploring how our software can solve your lingering supply chain challenges? SP3 includes platform overview documentation that helps you more easily understand the platform and its capabilities, as well as a closer look at what you can build to help your employees work smarter and faster.

Whether you want to chat about upgrading your current DSCP instance or aren’t yet using DSI’s Digital Supply Chain Platform and want to explore what it can do for your business, we can help. Let us know what you need and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

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