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DSI Platform Update: New Version Transforms Mobile App Lifecycle Management

Posted by on June 8, 2016 5:27 pm

DSI’s mobile-first application development platform has long led the way in giving companies the complete technological framework they need to quickly and easily develop, deploy and manage mobile apps that are tailored to their business processes.

Now, with the launch of a significant DSI Platform release, version 8.5, we’re further expanding the scope of our app lifecycle capabilities, equipping companies with agile, scalable functionality that makes it even easier to develop apps. And once the apps are launched, you’ll now have data-driven insight to continually monitor app performance, ensuring apps deliver an optimal user experience powered by easily tailored business logic.

Whether you want to create an app that helps your employees work more efficiently or deliver a sophisticated, consumer-grade mobile experience that connects your customers to inventory-aware product information, the new release of the DSI Platform delivers. Take a closer look at the key additions:

DSI App Analytics

DSI App Analytics delivers critical real-time insights into how apps perform and are being used in the real world. Leveraging data from app instrumentation, devices and networks, as well as enterprise systems that include application servers, databases and back office systems, DSI App Analytics can be used to detect and diagnose performance issues and track user behavior across geographies, devices and users.

With that information gathered in a rich, shareable visual dashboard, app managers, developers and operations staff can assess and evaluate apps, and also make recommendations to improve the performance and usability of their apps by offering deeper insight into user experience.

And because DSI App Analytics enables a complete view of the operational health of the mobile app processing environment, app managers and operational staff can quickly correct conditions that might result in a poor user experience.

Consider this startling fact from Boston Technology Corporation: 64% of employees cite poor user experience as the reason for rarely using enterprise mobile apps. With DSI App Analytics, you’ll have the data and insight to ensure your apps are enabling optimal productivity—and if not, you’ll know exactly how to fix the issue to streamline design and usage decisions.

Configuration Elements

Demand for enterprise mobile apps is only expected to grow, which means companies need the resources to quickly develop, deploy and manage apps without sacrificing functionality or the user experience.

As part of the 8.5 release, Configuration Elements will allow business analysts and developers to easily change the logic or appearance of apps. Often organizations must adapt their processes and business execution to meet the operational or regulatory needs of multiple sites, geographies, business units or customers. With the introduction of Configuration Elements, the same suite of apps can be deployed to multiple organizations or lines of business, configured differently for each.

Because Configuration Elements are dynamic, they allow app behavior and appearance to be modified for independent organizational units or specific sets of users without the need to modify and republish apps. This greatly speeds deployment and reduces management overhead.

Additionally, for business analysts or developers who initially define a standard set of use cases and business capabilities, those can be built out in Configuration Elements. Once those elements are created, they can be used in any app that is built, making subsequent apps even easier and faster to build.

Expanded Wire Capabilities

Enterprise businesses are increasingly expected to deliver what were traditionally customer-facing capabilities, namely rich, consumer-grade mobile apps.

With DSI’s Wire framework, companies can do just that: create a simple, seamless mobile experience enhanced with supply chain visibility and optimization. Now, as part of the 8.5 release, Wire is more deeply integrated into the DSI Platform, including a Wire editor in DSI’s Application Studio that results in better development productivity and greater reuse of Wire apps.

Additionally, Wire users can opt to use a new plug-in for the popular Sketch UI design tool, which accommodates rapid app design prototyping using tools that are already a part of your designer’s daily workflow. By using the plug-in, app designers can create a front-end prototype in a fraction of the time, then turn that design over to the developers or business analysts to develop deeper business logic and connect to back-end systems.

Rather than limit your company’s mobile functionality to overly simple apps or out-of-the-box point solutions that are nearly impossible to customize, it’s the perfect time to consider the mobile-first experiences that you can easily deliver with the DSI Platform, version 8.5. For a closer look at the full range of new capabilities, reach out to us at demandgen@dsiglobal.com.

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