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Digital Transformation: Are You Giving Inventory Management the Attention it Deserves?

Posted by on June 3, 2020 2:01 pm

We call a digital transformation a journey for a reason – it’s a multi-step process with stops and adjustments along the way. It need not be a rocky journey; with the right solution in place and the right team along for the ride, it can be smooth(er) sailing.

A digital transformation is different for everyone, but they all involve making an organization more productive and efficient with technology solutions that streamline processes.

Many digital transformations are constrained by systems that must start with a financial hub; they forget that inventory is money in a different form. It does you no good to have excess inventory taking up valuable space in the warehouse; you must optimize the movement of inventory to then turn it into a profit and increase revenue generation.

Here’s why you should be thinking about mobile as a part of your strategy

Businesses need to be agile to be successful. The ability to be self-sufficient and able to configure applications as business needs change is key to achieving agility. Being tethered to an outside company for implementing any changes causes needless wasted time and headaches.

Solutions need to support the optimization of your “as is” business throughout the journey to the end goal and address that fact that while the goal may be for a single architecture going forward, the first step is often a mobile solution that will adapt to the back-end changes in architecture. It comes down to one key capability: your supply chain must be nimble enough to react.

To make that happen, you need the right technology.

How do you turn the cost of inventory into revenue? By keeping that inventory moving. Solution-based offerings are most effective with the capabilities for infinite configurability, or the ability to develop, deploy and change apps and solutions as needed. A low-code/no-code environment ensures companies have the ability to change applications on the fly and business needs evolve.

Does your organization manage materials in the field or send materials to project sites? Mobile and offline applications are absolutely crucial to ensure your home office and field workers alike have access to the data they need to be the more productive.

With an agile, reliable solution, companies will know they have a reliable system working with them to achieve full supply chain functionality. The journey won’t be complete overnight, but it’ll be one with helpful resources available to make it to the end, even if bumps occur along the way.

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