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How Aegion Corporation Keeps Pace with the Speed of Business

Posted by on April 29, 2015 3:01 pm

Identifying the Problems

The search for a solution always begins with a problem—or problems. As a global leader in infrastructure protection and maintenance services, Aegion Corporation manages 175 facilities in 33 countries, which add up to more than 1,000 job sites per year. With limited visibility into those locations, many of which span hundreds of acres in areas with little to no connectivity, it’s no wonder that Aegion struggled to accurately track high-cost customer assets, which also increased the risk of delayed delivery times.

“One of these pipes costs tens of thousands of dollars,” says Thys Lourens, CIO, Aegion Corporation. “If you have thousands of these pipes over hundreds of acres, trying to find the materials when the project is due can be a challenge. You’re also going to pay heavy fines if you lose that pipe, so it’s critical that you know exactly what’s going on in your yard.”

Those challenges spurred the company’s search for a mobility solution, one that included options like relying on mobile functionality in the company’s existing enterprise software or building a mobile solution with a comprehensive platform. Aegion’s choice? DSI’s mobile platform, which offers a single solution for a range of business and industry needs.

What a Mobile Supply Chain Can Do

With DSI’s solution in place, Aegion’s business processes are now powered by a robust mobile supply chain that not only solves current challenges—it can also easily be extended to meet future needs.

Now, Aegion can easily and efficiently do business in any location while tracking and collecting key project data. For a closer look at the mobile supply chain in action, check out a new case study that details Aegion’s mobile supply chain journey. You’ll not only learn more about their initial challenges—you’ll also see what they can do with a mobile supply chain. You’ll also get a glimpse at Aegion’s mobile supply chain roadmap and find out what additional mobility implementations are being planned.

“We can truly develop the solution to the exact needs we have as an organization,” Lourens says. “We can make it easy for our people to do business.”

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