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Build and Launch a Mobile App in 30 Minutes? Now You Can

Posted by on March 3, 2015 2:51 pm

The secret to our rapid time-to-value is the enhanced DSI Cloud Connect gateway installer, which enables rapid implementation of our mobile solutions through a streamlined cloud gateway deployment that radically accelerates the time to value while reducing the friction of connecting enterprise systems to the cloud.

“A customer can be up and running with a fully integrated system connected to the system of record in less than 30 minutes,” says Matt McGraw, President and CEO, DSI.

When you’re looking to invest in implementing a comprehensive mobility strategy, it’s imperative to find the tools that not only fulfill your business goals, but are also tailored to meet your specific processes and industry needs. Rather than cobble together a piecemeal set of solutions (or spend precious hours—and risk costly errors—navigating tedious how-to manuals), our platform and solution accelerators offer the complete technological framework to mobilize supply chains without requiring significant coding or development resources. And with our latest service pack updates, time to value has been reduced even further, enabling the capabilities that leverage the power of mobility in just minutes, rather than hours, days or even weeks required by other approaches.

The service pack updates also include a new styles feature within our integrated development environment (IDE), Application Studio, that functions similarly to a CSS and allows users to define style components at a high level. As a result, authorized users can set up properties to appropriately adhere to brand standards, maintaining consistency regardless of how many people are working to build the app.

Running your business might be complicated, but mobile-optimizing your supply chain and business processes shouldn’t be. As the Mobile Supply Chain Company™, we’re here to make your mobile implementation as easy as possible with tools that aren’t just agile and scalable—they’re also designed with your self-sufficiency and future growth in mind.

Feeling the need for speed? You’ve got the green light from us! Feel free to reach out and we’ll share more about our service pack updates, mobile supply chain solutions and what we can do for you.


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