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Beyond INFOCUS 2015: Continue the Conversation with DSI

Posted by on August 26, 2015 4:14 pm

The prominent themes this year centered on the need for businesses to find ways to get more actionable insights from their data and be able to move quickly in a mobile-first digital world. It was clear that the need to keep core business data secure and dependable while making it easily accessible whenever and wherever business happens remains a challenge. This need was evidenced by those that were looking for answers on how to more quickly collect data and get it into their JD Edwards system. It came through in those seeking to mobilize key parts of the business in order to optimize field operations, and it is a driving force of those looking to automate more processes with Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to eliminate errors and access real-time data. Whether manufacturing, distribution, sales, service or anywhere up and down the supply chain, optimizing business processes and increasing the visibility of data are essential needs.

This requirement to continue to expand visibility to wider audiences both within, and outside of the company to suppliers and customers is a trend we have been seeing in the market. Our keynote presentation, “Moving Your Business From Analog to Digital,” was an opportunity for attendees to learn how visibility, process optimization and improved execution across the extended supply chain can drive business results. Presented by DSI’s CTO, Gordon Van Huizen, and VP of Product Management, Jim Hoskins, the keynote featured a case study from Old Dutch Foods to show how digitizing the supply chain can increase productivity and optimize operations from manufacturing and distribution to field sales and beyond.

In order to move toward being a digital business, it’s imperative to break free from error-prone manual processes to improve efficiency, and to gather, distribute and act on key supply chain data in real time. In a fast-moving, data-driven digital marketplace, companies can no longer afford to exist in a slow, reactive state. They don’t necessarily have to constantly keep ahead of the curve, either, but they must keep pace with industry and customer expectations, which demands real-time operations.

We invite you, whether you were able to make it to INFOCUS or not, to continue the conversation by attending our webinar series, which builds upon some of these themes.

Not just for JD Edwards users, our latest webinar, “Maximize Business Performance With DSI’s Newest Capabilities,” presented information on DSI’s latest digital supply chain solutions and how they can help move companies towards becoming digital businesses. Attendees learned following, and more:

Contact us to view a recording of the webinar.

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